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2012 August



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Ikea Hacked

By Breanna

Ikea Hacked – Gulliver’s Kids Table

On 10, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In DIY, Ikea Hacked | By Breanna

ikea Hacked - gulliver

If you know me, you know that I love garage sales! This trip was a little tough because I had Rylie in tow and she is one heavy girl! But with the help of the lovely seller, I was able to bring this puppy home for only $8 (Regularly $24.99 I believe).


Before >>



After >>



1 – foam roller (Dollarama $2.10)

2 – sandpaper (had on hand)

3 – artist brush (had on hand)

4 – craft paint in Apple Tart (had on hand)

5 – chalkboard paint (had on hand)

6 – polycrylic varnish (had on hand)

7 – primer (had on hand)

8 – painter’s tape (had on hand)

9 – Ikea Gulliver’s kids table (garage sale $8.00)

Total: $10.10


Quick Steps >>

1 – give a quick sand over the entire piece to remove any varnish

2 – 2 coats of primer with foam roller and artist brush for hard to reach areas

3 – 2 coats of base coat with foam roller

4 – measure the height of the “dipped legs” and use painters tape to create a strong edge

5 – coat painter’s tape with clear nail polish or base coat (half of brush on tape, half of brush on base coat) to prevent the accent colour from seeping through

6 – 2 coats of accent colour with foam roller or brush

7 – 3 coats of chalkboard paint on top

8 – 2 coats of varnish on all areas except the chalkboard top






By Breanna

Painted Foam Play Mat / Rug

On 02, Aug 2012 | 15 Comments | In DIY | By Breanna

painted foam play mat

Well little Miss Rylie is on the verge of crawling… I can just feel it! With this new giant milestone approaching, I realized I needed a more “crawling-friendly” area for her to play in. So the once well-used office is slowing transitioning into her completely child-proof playroom. First things first – a new play mat. My colour scheme for this room is going to be blue, green & a raspberry pink so the standard multi-coloured play mats just won’t do. Enter a new project for me! Super easy to do, if you have a lot of time to put into it. After squeezing in crafting during some nap times and late nights I was able to finish this in a weekend.

painted foam play mat


So here are parts of the mat after about 6 months. As you can see it’s a little worn out… not too bad, and definitely still acceptable 🙂 The mats dented more than I thought they would, and to be honest, I didn’t expect on any peeled paint. Oh well, I still like it more than the multi coloured mats!

Kids play foam mat diy

kids foam play mat DIYPainter foam play mat

1 – foam mats (Walmart $10.48 x3)

2 – artist brush (Dollarama $1.05)

3 – stencil brush (borrowed)

4 – foam brush (had on hand)

5 – blank stencil (Michael’s $4.33)

6 – foam roller (Dollarama $2.10)

7 – all natural shellac (Home Depot $14.93)

8 – primer (had on hand)

9 – latex paint in Silver Dust (had on hand)

10 – craft paint in True Blue (Michaels $1.33 x2)

Update* – you can download my template if you plan on tracing with a blank stencil. Just print and trace! Circle Template

Total: $56.51

painted foam play mat


Quick Steps >>

I painted the smooth side of the pieces while unattached so I could move them around my house as they dried. I tried the textured side first but the paint kept chipping off.

1 – 2 coats of primer on the smooth side with foam roller
2 – 2 coats of base coat with foam roller
3 – stencil (create your own or buy one) with pieces attached to make sure the design matches up with craft paint and stencil brush
4 – touch up any stencil slips with base coat and artist brush
5 – 2 coats of shellac with pieces unattached with foam brush
6 – put mat together and let the crawling begin!