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Breanna Thirlwall  |  Graphic/Web Designer & DIYer  |  Calgary, Alberta
I love a good tv drama. I will watch/listen to something over and over again if I really like it (ie. The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Mumford & Sons). I have a deep rooted appreciation of Dateline (and Keith Morrison) – my husband doesn’t get it. I love finding great new (easy) recipes but only if it has leftovers so I don’t have to cook two days in a row. I have a scary amount of scrapbook supplies and I doubt I’ll ever use it all. I have a hard time throwing items away, because I may need said item in 5 years. 
I graduated, with honours, with a Degree in Applied Communications (Electronic Publishing) from Mount Royal University. I was an intern, turned junior designer, at Aquanode in Calgary, Alberta. I learned a ton about web development while simultaneously watching random shows on my second computer screen – my boss was awesome (he loaded them on the server… I wasn’t sneaking it in).

I then moved to DATA Communications Management where I learned the ins and outs of internal communication design and the printing industry.

I am currently working freelance while I raise my three little humans. I am passionate about helping new business owners and have great respect for those that have taken the leap into a scary new career so please contact me for a quote.
logo design    |    branding    |    stationery design    |    banner design    |    wordpress customization    |    weebly customization    |    invitation design    |    website set-up and maintenance    |   marketing material    |   hand lettering